DIY Sephora Inspired Makeup Brush Holder

I’ve always loved the practical way that Sephora has displayed their makeup tools, which prompted me to scour the internet for possible DIY solutions.  Luckily the information age has provided me with one super easy way to craft my very own faux Sephora inspired makeup brush holder.


  • One used glass candle jar
  • Your makeup tools
  • Any filler that can support your brushes, BE CREATIVE!
    • Marbles
    • Rice
    • Coffee Beans
    • Salt
    • Sand
    • Beads

Step 1:

Gather all of your necessary materials. What’s worse than getting half way through a project and realizing that you’re short one ingredient? Save yourself the headache and make sure that all of your materials are accounted for.

Step 2:

Pop your candle jar into the freezer. I left mine in there for about 1 hour, though times may vary depending on how much candle wax you still have left in your jar.

Step 3:

Once you’ve left the jar in the freezer for the allotted time the wax should be nice and firm and easily removable from the jar.  I found that mine just fell right out by turning it upside down but some may take some slight scraping (a butter knife should do the trick).

Step 4:

Once you’ve removed all the wax from the jar, you can clean it out with regular dish soap and water (though tough stains may need vinegar).  Be careful not to immediately put the ice cold glass under hot water (rapid temperature changes could cause the glass to shatter); gradually change the water temperature from cold to hot.

Step 5:

As you’re washing your jar, slowly begin to peel away the candle labels (I’ve found that hot water works well at loosening the adhesive).

Step 6:

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned and dried your jar, add your chosen filler.

Step 7:

Once your filler has been added you can begin placing your makeup tools into their new chic holder!

Though I’ve opted to keep my jar plain, you can dress yours up with ribbons, lace, burlap, twine, buttons, washi tape…whatever tickles your fancy! Your new brush holder will look great on your vanity or bathroom countertop! Have fun.

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