Hi there! We’re Courtney and Stacy, owners and founders of the mother-daughter company Rag Muffins! Our business celebrates the spirit of handmade products for the home and inspiration in unconventional places.  It is our mission to inspire and cultivate creativity through unconventional mediums.  We make it our personal promise to give more to people than just what they pay for; we strive to build connections and relationships with women (and men) who have the same passion for creation and all things beautiful.

The idea for Rag Muffins was born after a long cyclical family feud over a three-generation year old recipe.  The framed recipe was handwritten and dated back to the roaring 1920’s and everyone wanted a piece of that pie (pecan pie for all you inquisitive readers).  Since there was only one original recipe and seven siblings desperate for ownership, Stacy thought of an idea that could benefit all parties and eventually lead to one rockin business.  The idea was to put the original recipe on kitchen towels and hand them out as gifts for everyone to enjoy; this way everyone could have the recipe and a cute functional towel to boot.  Little did we know, the family would come to love the towels so much that they would frame them, hang them on their kitchen walls and refer back to them on holidays and special occasions for that classic recipe.  That got us thinking if they love our towels so much, surely others will love them too!

More about Stacy and Courtney

Stacy is a farmer’s daughter and the youngest of seven siblings.  She is our idea person; the person that comes up with those off the wall things that just might work.  It seems she’s coming up with new projects, business start-ups or products everyday.  Her passions include gardening, family, music, traveling, fresh cut flowers, all things homemade, baking, and her family farm among other things.

Courtney has Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University and a penchant for all things pretty.  Her inquisitive nature fuels her many interests; interests that change daily and nag to be fulfilled.  She enjoys making things that are beautiful yet functional (though paintings and charcoal drawings somehow find their way into the mix).  She’s a fan of inspirational quotes, flowers, fashion, everything DIY, active lifestyles, traveling, language and too much more.

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